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Thursday, May 30 2024

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  • Star Talk Flash 2

    Norstar Voicemail - Star Talk Flash 2

    The StarTalk Flash-2 voicemail unit can start small and grow to double its capacity. It integrates seamlessly with all the Norstar systems available that we sell. It only takes up one station port on the Norstar system, but provides two channels of use ~ two parties can access the voice mail system simultaneously (two outside callers, two internal users, or combination of each). By adding a firmware chip, the unit can double in capacity, which can be of value if business is growing. Flash voicemails operate on RAM chips or "flash" memory technology and contain no moving parts.

    StarTalk Flash 4

    Norstar Voicemail - StarTalk Flash 4

    The StarTalk Flash-4 voice mail unit has double the capacity of the Star Talk Flash-2. It integrates seamlessly with all the Norstar systems available that we sell. It takes up two station ports on the Norstar system, and provides four channels of use ~ four parties can access the voicemail system simultaneously (four outside callers, four internal users, or any combination of each). Flash voice mails operate on "flash" memory technology or RAM chips and have no moving parts.


    Norstar Voicemail - Norstar Applications Module (NAM)

    Designed to run multiple telephony applications and integrate them with the Norstar System, the NAM is an industrial grade computer server that is robust and flexible.


    Norstar Applications Module supports up to thirty-two voice channels, so it can drive multiple integrated applications such as Voice Mail plus Fax Messaging, Automated Attendant, Desktop Messaging, or Digital Networking. Norstar Voicemail is for business sites that require up to 1000 mailboxes and have the need for advanced applications. It provides seamless integration with the Norstar business communications system through the Norstar Applications Module, a strong, flexible PC-based platform. This tight integration gives you access to features and functionality normally found in larger systems

    Call Pilot

    Norstar Voicemail - Call Pilot 100

    CallPilot 100 for Norstar Integrated Communications Systems is a state-of-the art messaging system for small to mid-sized businesses, with 10-40 mailbox users. CallPilot 100 is equipped with a built-in 10/100 Ethernet port, allowing connection to the LAN for advanced applications, including Auto Attendant, Customer Call Routing (CCR), Voice Mail, Basic Call Center, Web-based management, and IP connectivity.

    Call Pilot

    Norstar Voicemail - Call Pilot 150

    Norstar CallPilot 150 delivers scalable advanced messaging to growing small and medium sized businesses. Business sites with 25-200 users receive Norstar voice mail, with advanced applications and Basic Call Center. CallPilot is supported on the Norstar Compact and Modular Integrated Communications Systems 4.1 or higher, as well as all Norstar telephones and business series terminals.

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