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Tuesday, April 16 2024

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  • Norstar M7000 Business Phones Portfolio

    The classic Norstar M7000 series mirrors the Norstar Business terminals, offering a single line phone (M7100), a multi-line phone (M7208), and an executive phone (M7310). While no longer in production, this product line is offered by Paragon Communications in a refurbished capacity as a cost effective solution for your Norstar Key System.



    Norstar M7000 - M7100 Single line phone

    An entry level, single-line telephone designed for public areas such as lobbies, cafeterias, break rooms, or other locations where use is only occasional.


    Norstar M7000 - M7208 Multi-line phone

    The M7208 is a multi-line Nortel phone with an integrated LCD that is ideally suited for moderate call volume users such as technical specialists and professionals.


    Norstar M7000 - M7310 Executive phone

    A professional level, multi-line, display-telephone designed specifically for high call volume users requiring maximum amounts of interactive information and programmable buttons; users include Managers, Executives, and Office Administrators.



    Norstar M7000 - M7324 Business Series Terminal

    Nortel Networks Business Series Terminal M7324, is an expandable, feature-rich telephone supporting heavy call volumes. It is ideal for office assistants, secretaries, and other call answering personnel. By attaching up to 2 CAP (Central Answering Position) modules, an additional ninety-six memory buttons can be added, creating a total combination of one hundred and twenty features, lines, or autodials.

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