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Y2k Issues

Y2k Update

June 10, 1999 - Y2k issues. Phoenix Communications Servers will not be affected by the Y2k as we use Sun Microsystems SPARC servers, running Solaris. Both of the hardware and software used by PCS is 32bit, and not vunerable the the windows, dos, and other operating systems. Both of the roll overs, Dec 31, 1999/Jan 1, 2000 and the Feb 28, 2000/Feb 29, 2000, will have no effect on our severs. But we will be staffing our support center.

there is though a problem with the UNIX clock stores a date and time as a 32-bit signed integer number representing, roughly speaking, the number of seconds since January 1, 1970; in 2038, this number will roll over (exceed 32 bits), causing the Year 2038 problem (also known as Unix Millennium bug, or Y2K38). To solve this problem, many systems and languages have switched to a 64-bit version, or supplied alternatives which are 64-bit.

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