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Network and Phone Installation Worksheet.
Saturday, July 20 2024

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  • CO Name Your Name
    Address 1 Address 2
    City State, ZipTEXAS
    Phone Cell Phone

    How many phone lines do you have?
    How many sets or phones do you need?
    Do you need Cordless Phones on the System?   NO     YES
    Do you need Voice Mail?   NO     YES
    How many mailboxes?
    Do you need a network (computer) jack by all the phones?
    This is normaly a good idea.
      NO     YES
    Do you have DSL/cable?   NO     YES
    Do you need secure WiFi?   NO     YES
    Do you need/have a stand alone fax machine?   NO     YES
    Do you need speciality equipment installed as well?
    cash registers, cameras, access control, etc.
      NO     YES
    If yes: Cash Register
    Building Access Controls
    How many locations?
    (buildings, sites)
    Do you have more than one location that needs services?   NO     YES
    Do you need any equipment? Phone System
    Computer Server
    Network Router
    Network Switch/Hub
    Network Firewall
    Bar Code System
    Cash Registers
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